Estate Selling

Expert Estate Clearing and Selling

With a family background in estate sales and clearance, Team Campbell understand the pressures and challenges that people face when an estate needs to be sold. This means we recognise the importance of managing the estate selling process with a sense of understanding and empathy from first assessment to final sale. We also understand the value of keeping everyone informed about what’s going on with clear communication throughout the process

The Right Solution

Our experience means we have the connections to quickly and efficiently manage any property issues you might have from asbestos removal to complete exterior and interior cleaning.

It can be extraordinarily emotionally challenging to manage the sale of an estate – especially when family members are overseas and need to be kept in the loop. Let us take care of this so you are guaranteed a smooth process that maximises your final sale price – get in touch today to find out more.

Specialised Approach

Every estate is different, but in most cases, we follow these 3 steps to ensure the best outcome for you:

  • We provide a breakdown of the work needed to be done in our quotes along with a timeline.
  • We pick up the estate keys from the lawyer or appropriate family member and do a complete appraisal of the property.
  • With your approval, we organise the maintenance work to be done as well as the clearance of unnecessary items by sale or disposal to ensure the estate is ready to sell.