Maximising your selling price

First Hand Experience

We are property investors ourselves so we understand the struggles and concerns you have when it comes to property investing. Selling your investment property is a big commitment and it is important to get the best return on investment. We treat your property just like we would treat our own. It’s our job to ensure your property sells for the best price in the current market.

As property investors we know how important it is to maximise your selling price on a property in order to the get the best return on investment possible. Our experience has taught us that there are three keyways to do this:

Idenitfy the key buying demographic

It’s important to understand who your property appeals to (an investor, retiree or first home buyer etc.) so you can target your marketing to this demographic and attract real buyers instead of just window shoppers. Knowing who will be interested in buying your property will also impact decisions around what improvements you may make pre-sale. For example, if you have a nicely maintained property that would appeal to first home buyers but it has a bathroom or kitchen that looks dated because it hasn’t been touched since the 90s, you might like to spend a few thousand dollars to upgrade this room. You wouldn’t make this investment if you thought it would be sold to developers who were likely to bulldoze it to put up townhouses.

Research the property and market

It’s vital to research the property and understand what is happening in the wider market to make informed decisions about things like method of sale and listing price. This is particularly important these days when the market is so dynamic and there are a lot of uncertainties to factor into decision-making. Failure to do the background research and a lack of transparency can also harm the way the property is seen by would be buyers. A prime example of this is properties that have been affected by asbestos or drugs like meth. Doing the legwork and presenting the facts to buyers (as well as the cost to clean up), is a much better strategy than leaving it as an unknown that the buyer will need to investigate themselves. This industry is all about reputation and transparency and dealing ethically with people is the only way to build a good name.

We Make an Impression

Good photos, top-notch staging and great marketing is the difference between reaching a handful of property investors and attracting a big chunk of the demographic you need. It’s not a cookie cutter process. Each property has its own key features that need to be highlighted and presented in the right way to the right audience.

It all begins with a free initial consultation. If you’re keen to find out more, let’s have a conversation. Once we know what you’re looking for, we can formulate a plan to help achieve your goals faster.