We Know Property From The inside out



Before we moved into selling real estate, we knew what to look for and who to call to maximise our returns with years of experience behind us buying, renovating and renting/selling our own investment properties. Friends and family were constantly coming to us for advice while sharing their horror stories about real estate agents that weren’t available or just didn’t get them the results they deserved. The obvious next step was for us to offer our services in a professional capacity more widely, so Team Campbell was born. Since then we have expanded our team so we can continue to offer amazing service to our clients.

Finding your best potential property

For investors or businesses looking for a residential or commercial property, we’re your experts at finding properties that are cash flow positive and/or in areas with excellent capital growth. We do the maths on things like percentage yield and upkeep expenses, in order to locate properties that give you the return you need without surprise expenses or hidden costs.

Our experience means we know how much maintenance on a property is going to cost you and we can ensure you don’t buy a leaky property that needs $200K worth of re-cladding before it can be tenanted. Connect with us if you need a property that provides good cash flow and future capital gains without costing an arm and a leg to maintain.

What we offer that’s different

selling your property the right way

There’s nothing worse than knowing your property isn’t achieving its best price because of failures by your agent. It might be that the photos or marketing isn’t up to it, or the staging isn’t what it could be, or even that the negotiation process isn’t handled the way it should be. Whatever the faults of the agent, the end result is the same – you lose out on the best price for what is probably your biggest asset. We guarantee this doesn’t happen by ensuring the buying and selling process is handled the right way from beginning to end in 3 ways .


We do our homework: For every client, we visit and complete an in-depth assessment of your property and the local market. We look at things like zoning and recent successful sales prices, or development potential, as well as the actual property and the land that it sits on, so we can give you the best estimate of value and information about things like development potential.


We work our network: Where necessary, we can organise minor upgrades that can lead to big increases in price. Our network includes painters, handymen, house washers and cleaners that can make quick, inexpensive improvements to your property that can literally add tens of thousands to your selling price.


We make an impression: Good photos, top-notch staging and great marketing is the difference between reaching a handful of property investors and attracting a big chunk of the demographic you need. It’s not a cookie cutter process. Each property has its own key features that need to be highlighted and presented in the right way to the right audience.

No matter whether the market is hot or cold, we know the tricks and have the real estate expertise to achieve a top price for your property. Under the umbrella of Ray White Orewa (Platinum Realty Limited – Licensed REAA2008) and based on the stunning Hibiscus Coast area of Auckland Team Campbell will work hard to guarantee the best price when you’re selling your property whether at auction, by tender or through negotiation. 

Our process

Every client differs. In most cases we meet you, look through your property and take pictures of the key features. We research the local real estate market looking at the age, size and features of your property in order to give you the best estimate of price in the current environment as well as the recommended sales strategy. We also provide suggestions for any small renovation adjustments you may need to make to dramatically improve your selling price.

Things Have Changed

Obviously, the coronavirus crisis and countrywide lockdowns have had a huge impact on the global economy along with every industry and market on the planet. Property has and will continue to be impacted by this crisis but it’s not all bad news.

Interestingly, many industry leaders remain optimistic the property landscape will return to normality after the lockdown. This is partially because in times of uncertainty people tend to gravitate towards tangible assets. We’ve seen that not only through the GFC but also after the earthquakes New Zealand has faced. Historically our property market has been resilient to most economic shocks. Generally, what happens is that transactions decline fast, but price declines are usually much slower to appear and if they happen, more limited in scope. Indeed, the silver lining of this crisis may be more opportunities for investors to move into the market, which could lead to new buyers and a more buoyant environment over time.

Entering the real estate market is a great way to build long-term wealth, but it’s not always as straightforward as it seems. If you are ready to buy Auckland property and need some support along the way, we are here to help.